Sexual Abuse

Coming forward with allegations of sexual assault, sexual abuse or sexual harassment takes courage and you need legal support from sexual assault lawyers who are passionate about protecting the victims of these traumatic crimes. 

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can take many forms: harassed by a coworker, blackmailed by a manager, targeted by a stranger, or even cases where an individual spreads rumors about your sexual history in an effort to tarnish your reputation. But the impact on victims is always devastating, including: reduced productivity at work, lost wages, stress, anxiety, and depression that render you unable to cope.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault and rape victims can often feel helpless in the aftermath of their assaults, and sexual abuse cases involving children often force the child to relive the horrific experience. The healing process for sexual assault and sexual harassment victims can be long and costly. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you can seek compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills, including therapy and counselling

  • Pain and suffering

  • Restitution for the impact that the attack has had on your life

  • Lost income as a result of the attack

Don’t suffer alone in silence. It’s not your fault. We’ve helped others and we can help you too.

Don’t suffer alone in silence. It’s not your fault. We’ve helped others and we can help you too.

Unlike other cases where the Limitations Act places strict timelines on claims, sexual harassment and abuse cases have no definite time limit in Ontario. If you wish to obtain monetary compensation, you will have to take civil action against the perpetrator.

At Hartman Law, our primary goal is to protect victims, especially children. We work with you to help them understand your case, what to expect, and how to proceed. As compassionate attorneys, we always prioritize your privacy, emotional well-being, and financial situation. Our clients can also take comfort in knowing that we never defend parties that have been accused of sexual crimes.

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Sexual Assault Lawyer, Jeffrey Hartman

Sexual Assault Lawyer, Jeffrey Hartman

I am glad and extremely lucky to have Jeffrey Hartman as my lawyer. I came from a Men dominated society – faced force marriage when I was young and abused by my husband in many ways for many years. Few of my dear friends helped me to get out of this nightmare. Came to this beautiful country with hopes and dream. ... Jeffrey called/emailed me few times whenever he needs to clarify any information. Answer my phone calls if I had questions. He made me feel as I am his friend.
— Zinnat

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