Prisoners Rights

Every Canadian deserves to be treated with humanity and dignity. Whether you are a federal or provincial prisoner (particularly those in the indigenous community) or a youth prisoner in juvenile detention, being incarcerated does not end your unalienable rights and freedoms. 

Being in prison does not mean you deserve to be abused. We will defend you rights.

Being in prison does not mean you deserve to be abused. We will defend you rights.

You may have case of negligence, if you are the victim of prison abuse at the hands of prison guards, including:

  • Unfair solitary confinement where a prisoner is forced to endure extended stays in solitary confinement

  • Disciplinary charges that allow a prison to self-regulate internal policy violations using its own staff

  • Transgender prisoner management 

  • Immigrant prisoners, who are governed by the Canadian Human Rights Act, being mistreated

  • Mental health discrimination where a prisoner with a visible mental illness is not provided adequate accommodations 

  • Sexual abuse by prison guards

An increasingly large number of Canadians in the prison system are dealing with mental health problems. Failing to provide adequate accommodation for mental illness is a discriminatory act and a human rights violation. 

Inmates suffering from any of the forms of abuse listed above should contact a prison abuse lawyer at Hartman Law for a free consultation. We believe everyone deserves fair and equitable legal protection. That’s why we fight for victims of abusive prison guards, unfair policies, and other human rights violations.

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