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The dawn of the Internet age has undoubtedly made our lives more convenient in many ways, but it has also introduced new concerns and dangers. It has made it easier than ever for people to spread false information farther and faster, to share illicit materials in a split second, and to hide behind the Internet’s anonymity while doing it.

Online Bullying and Defamation, perhaps more commonly known as “cyberbullying” and “revenge porn,” are two dangerous new realities that can take many forms including:

  • Sending hurtful or threatening texts or instant messages to another individual with the intent of harming them

  • Sharing embarrassing photos of an individual without their permission

  • Creating a website with the sole purpose of embarrassing or hurting another individual

  • Engaging in online defamation by pretending to be another individual with the intent of damaging their reputation

  • Tricking someone into revealing personal or embarrassing information with the intent of sharing it with others

Is it illegal to bully someone online? Yes. Let us stand up for you.

Is it illegal to bully someone online? Yes. Let us stand up for you.

Complexities of Cyberbullying

The results can be catastrophic, including damaged reputations, loss of employment, family challenges, divorce, depression, anxiety, and, in some cases, suicide.

Defamation of character cases are complex. Even in cases where a defamatory statement is true, the victim can still legally challenge an individual who they believe defamed them if the defendant acted with actual malice.

If you are victim of online bullying or defamation, consult with an Internet defamation lawyer in Toronto. At Harman Law, we help victims establish a case, have offending material swiftly removed, and obtain monetary compensation, all while treating your case with the seriousness and sensitivity it deserves. 

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Online defamation lawyers: Leah, Jeffrey, Jessica

Online defamation lawyers: Leah, Jeffrey, Jessica

Jeff has been a great lawyer and resource for me for a few years now. He genuinely cares about the interest of his clients and I can’t recommend him enough!
— T. Holtman

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