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Constitutional Law

The right to life, liberty and security of person. Freedom of peaceful assembly. The right to equal protection under the law. They are some of the rights and freedoms guaranteed to every citizen by our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In Canada, it’s what dictates the relationship between us, the citizens, and our government at federal, provincial and municipal levels.  And when a violation occurs, Hartman Law works to get a remedy for you.



Family Law

Families are complicated, and so is Family Law. Even with the best intentions, family units can break down, resulting in separation, divorce, child custody and access disputes, and child support. At Hartman Law, family lawyers work closely with our clients to help you understand complex legal options and pursue the right course of action. We work with compassion and the goal of preserving a sense of respect between parties, while minimizing anxiety when children are involved.



Civil Litigation

At Hartman Law, Civil Litigation is the heart of what we do, representing individuals and businesses in all types of civil disputes. We bring professionalism, compassion, and unparalleled legal prowess to claims of sexual assault, online bullying, police misconduct and negligence in prison abuse cases.



Online Bullying & Defamation

A new era of technology means navigating new risks. One of those is Online Bullying and Defamation. It can take many forms, including sending hurtful or threatening messages, sharing explicit photos, or creating a website intended to embarrass. Perhaps more commonly known as “cyberbullying” and “revenge porn,” Online Defamation can lead to damaged reputations, loss of employment, family challenges, depression and anxiety. It is also against the law. At Harman Law, we help victims establish a case, have offending material swiftly removed, and obtain monetary compensation, all while treating your case with the seriousness and sensitivity it deserves.
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Discrimination & Harassment

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Human Rights Code afford all people equal rights and opportunities without discrimination from both private corporations and government agencies. If you are the victim of discrimination based on sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnic, marital status, and mental and physical disabilities, Hartman Law’s discrimination attorneys will negotiate, mediate, and fight for you.
*We do not represent workplace discrimination.



Police Brutality

More than ever, victims of police misconduct are taking a stand and seeking legal support. Hartman Law encourages you to contact our civil rights attorneys if you believe you were the victim of abuse of probable cause during searches and seizures, false arrests or imprisonments, use of excessive force, racial profiling, selective enforcement practices, sexual harassment and abuse, off-duty misconduct, or preventing an individual from recording on public property. We can explain your legal options and help you determine if you have a case. Come to Hartman Law for a free consultation and our specialized lawyers will give you honest advice on how to proceed with your claim.



Prisoner Abuse

Every Canadian deserves to be treated with humanity and dignity. Whether you are part of the indigenous population, a federal or provincial prisoner, or a youth prisoner in juvenile detention, being incarcerated does not end your unalienable rights and freedoms. If you are the victim of physical, sexual or mental abuse, unfair solitary confinement, disciplinary charges, or transgender prisoner mismanagement at the hands of prison guards, you may have case of negligence. Inmate injury attorneys at Hartman Law fight for victims of abusive prison guards, unfair policies, and other human rights violations. Hartman Law offers a free consultation that you can take advantage of. Let us know what the problem is and we will be able to advice on the best way to move forward. 



Sexual Assault &
Sexual Harassment

Coming forward with allegations of sexual assault or sexual harassment takes courage and legal support from sexual assault lawyers who are passionate about protecting the victims of these traumatic crimes. We provide prudent legal advice, helping victims understand their legal options and potential outcomes of their cases. As compassionate attorneys, we always prioritize your privacy, emotional well-being, and financial situation. Our clients can also take comfort in knowing that we never defend parties that have been accused of sexual crimes.

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We specialize in the following categories of law:

Family Law: We have a wealth of experience in common law separation and divorce, custody and access disputes, child support, spousal support, and division of property issues. As tough litigators and strategic negotiators, we are as comfortable arguing in court as we are in resolving disputes more amicably by way of separation agreement.

Constitutional Law: Any time the state – whether through government, police, or another agency – acts or fails to act in a way that causes harm to a Canadian, a constitutional claim may exist. Common examples include use of excessive force by police, and the passage of a law that causes harm.

Civil Litigation: Civil litigation refers to private disputes between individuals and corporate entities. Hartman Law is very experienced in the following branches of civil litigation: sexual assault, discrimination, police misconduct, online bullying, defamation and prison abuse.

Based in Toronto, we provide lawyers and strategic negotiators, with ample experience, to guide you through constitutional, civil and family disputes all across the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario.

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Value Statement

Hartman Law proudly represents people, from all backgrounds, all ethnicities, all races and all religions, with all sexual orientations and gender identities.  We do not discriminate and do our best to say yes to people as often as we can.